WotPrice Terms and Conditions

Our Service

WotPrice provides town/suburb ownership for $20 + GST per month or $200 + GST per year and accepts no responsibility for the success or failure of the lead.

WotPrice will not refund any money after the lead has been received.

Any refund requests can result in your account being banned.

Payment Terms

We reserve the right to change the fees for any Subscription or Product at any time. You will be notified thirty days in advance of any changes to fees and may terminate prior to these changes taking effect if you consider these will cause you a material detriment.

How We Provide The Service

Wot Price is a property appraisal request system where anyone can fill out the form and request an appraisal for a property. This enquirer could be a buyer, seller or an interested party.

Wot Price validates the address of the property using human employees who check that the address looks real and contact details appear correct.

The enquirer is sent a 4 digit code via sms to confirm that their mobile phone number is correct.

WotPrice employees do not contact the person, we leave that up to the agent.

Premises Aus Pty Ltd is a technology company who rank on the first page of google and other search engines for property valuation requests.

Our Guarantee

WotPrice guarantees that after an appraisal request is purchased, all future leads to that town over the month will be sent only to the purchaser of that town's appraisal request free of charge, and any extra months after that will be automatically charged at $20 + GST per month until you cancel.

No Lock-in Contract

The Purchaser is not under any contract and has the ability to cancel at any time. Cancelling gives us the right to offer all other agents any leads that come in for the town you cancelled.

Cancelling Town Ownership

To cancel your town ownership, you need to log into your account, go to "My Towns & Renewals" and cancel the renewal. We do not authorise our employees to cancel your town ownership on your behalf. If you have any problems accessing your account, our employees can assist you with this.

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